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Ranking List

Features: It shows the distribution and ranking of a certain data in a dimension, with a descending ranking of TOP X.

The following is an example of how to create a ranking list.

Example: Show the ranking of the number of people in each city in China

Data range: Select the view [Current Year Census] in the worksheet [Resident Population]

Dimension: Select the field [City]

Progress indicator (value): Select the field [People]

Configuration Steps

1. Create a new chart

Enter the configuration page of the chart.

2. Set the data source

You can choose whether a particular view, or all records.

Data range: select the view [Current Year Census]

If you need to filter further, you can add filter conditions.

3. Dimension

Select the field [City].

4. Progress indicator (value)

Select the field [People]. Click [Save] to finish the chart configuration.

Field names are shown only when there are multiple values.

More Settings in Style

5. A: Data bar

It is displayed by default.

If there are only numbers on the chart and no figures, you can check here.

6. B: TOP style

You can choose icons for the top three according to your preference.

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