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Purchase User Expansion Package Online

For organizations that have already purchased the paid editions of Mingdao, if the number of users required by the organization exceeds 30 in the contract period, it is possible to purchase a user expansion package. Administrators can click on the profile photo and select [Org Admin] > [Basic] to purchase the package online and use it immediately.


  1. Admins click on the profile photo and select [Org Admin] > [Basic].

  2. Click [Expand] in the Members part.

  3. Enter the number of users to be purchased and click [Next].

  4. Generate and conform the order.

  5. Complete payment. You can choose from four ways of payment, Mingdao balance, Alipay, WeChat payment, and bank transfer.

Note: If you choose to pay via the balance or Alipay, it can take effect immediately; if you choose bank transfer, it needs to be processed manually, which will take some time.

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