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Delegation: When you are on vacation or on a business trip and it is not convenient to handle the workflow, you can delegate it to someone else. The approver and filler in the newly added [Approval] and [Fill in] nodes during this period are automatically replaced with the delegate.

  • Delegation is available in the [Approval] and [Fill in] nodes only, and is not available in the [Copy to] node.

  • Delegation is only available in workflows that are triggered during a specified time period.

  • The delegation of specified business, application or workflow is not supported.

  • Each user in the organization can set the delegation.

  • Each user can only add one delegated member in an organization.

1. Entrance

On the home page, click [To-do] in the left navigation bar, and then click [Delegation] in the upper right corner of the page.

2. Set the delagation

Select the organization, the delegated member, and the time in order, and then click [OK].

At the same time, the delegated member will also receive a notification message.

3. Effect

If you add a delegated member and there is a new approval, you will no longer be notified of the approval, but the delegated member will be notified, and it will show who delegated it.

The operations required for delegated members are the same as the regular operations.

After the approval is completed, when you view the process again, it will show who delegated it.

4. End the delagation

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