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How to automatically modify the relevant data when data in the worksheet changes?

When the data in the worksheet changes (a new record is added or a record is modified), the following can be realized through the nodes [Update Record] or [New Record] in the workflow:

  1. Modify the contents of other fields in the current record.

  2. Modify the content of fields in other records.

I. When data in the worksheet is modified, automatically modify some fields values in the record

For example: Project Management worksheet, in a task record, if "Status" is changed to "Completed", automatically modify the "Completion Time" in the record to the current time.

Workflow Configuration:

1. Set the trigger

  • Select the Task worksheet;
  • Way to trigger: Only when updating records;
  • Trigger condition: The workflow is triggered when the status is "Completed".

2. Set to automatically modify the completion time field in the record

Select the node [Update Record].


  1. Object to be updated: Select the record to be modified, that is, the record that triggers the workflow.

  2. Field to be updated: Select "Completion Time", and the value is changed to "Current Time".

  3. Save and publish the workflow.

II. When data in a worksheet is modified, automatically modify the data in other worksheets


  1. When a record is added to the Outbound Detail worksheet, modify the inventory of this product in the Product worksheet.


  1. In a project record, if the status of the project is modified to [Closed], the status of the task associated with the project will be automatically modified to [Discontinued] in a batch.



In the workflow, if you want to modify a record or multiple records, you must locate them in the workflow, that is, there must be a node pointing to them, for example, you can rely on the nodes like [Search for Specified Data], [Obtain Specified Associated Records] and [Get Batch Data] to locate them, and then modify the records.

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